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Sophisticated Living recently caught up with Julie Lane, a number one selling agent with Janet McAfee Real Estate focusing on luxury homes, who assured us that the St. Louis residential real estate market is strong and stable. “Although the market is not like it was a year ago, and the inventory of homes for sale remains low, it is still a great time to buy or sell,” she says. While home prices have dropped in California and cities such as Austin and  Seattle, “Because St. Louis is a conservative city, the highs and lows are not extreme,” she explains. “We have not seen huge price drops in this market. And there are plenty of opportunities for first-time home buyers interested in building equity.

Lane sees her role as an agent as being that of an advocate – whether for the buyer or the seller – and was happy to share her observations about the evolving market as well as recommendations

for maximizing the buying and selling outcome. “I always advise buyers to purchase as much house as they can afford,” she says.

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