The list of why to love St. Louis is long; here are some highlights!

Things I Love (in St. Louis)

Featured Article in Fall 2020 Sophisticated Living
Julie Lane Real Estate Loves St. Louis!

WITH MORE THAN 13 YEARS OF EXPERIENCE assisting both buyers and sellers and successfully navigating the St. Louis luxury market, Julie Lane has  discreetly worked with some of the most prominent families  in the area.  She is a proud supporter of all things St Louis and loves to frequent locally owned businesses.  She, her husband Rich and their 2 daughters have called Ladue home for the last 18 years and have curated quite a list of local favorites.  


Artwork is paramount to a home’s personality. If you have not checked out St. Louis native Ted Collier’s work, you are truly missing out. We have had the opportunity to transform our home with some of his work. It has made all of the difference. His art is all over the world, yet he chooses to make our city his home and give back to the community, along with his talented wife Katie (owner of the yummy Katie’s Pizza and Osteria). 


Featured Article in Spring 2020 Sophisticated Living
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WHY ST. LOUIS IS MADE TO KEEP TRANSPLANTS   I am a proud St. Louis “transplant.” My husband, Rich, and I moved here from the South Loop in Chicago in 2000 for his first job right out of DePaul University. As anyone will tell you, Chicago is a great town. Our friends and colleagues were supportive of the move, but seemed worried as if we were going to live in the middle of nowhere.

They’d say things like, “Sure, you can get a ‘mansion’ for almost nothing, but where do you go for culture?” “What about for entertainment?” “Is there even good food there?” They seemed “optimistically” concerned for us. They had no idea what St. Louis has to offer to the locals, the visitors and the ever growing number of transplants like us: St. Louis Art Museum, the Cardinals……….

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